Frequently Asked Questions.

As I receive questions about WJJF Ju-Jitsu I will post the answers on this page.

Q) How much does it cost to try out WJJF Ju-Jitsu?
A) The first Ju-Jitsu lesson is free. Lessons are normally 2 to 3, depending on the centre's door fees. After 4 weeks a registration fee of 10 will cover the Budo pass and a years insurance. Should you decide to try Kobudo as well the fees are similar although the Ju-Jitsu annual insurance covers both arts.

Q) Will I get hurt?
A) Any form of exercise or sport carries a risk of injury. WJJF Ju-Jitsu is only taught by qualified instructors. The latest medical advice is adhered to during warm ups and the rest of the lesson. Every effort is made to avoid any injuries. Injuries are quite rare.

Q) Is WJJF Ju-Jitsu the best Martial Art?
A) It is my preferred martial art. I would recommend any one considering starting a martial art, should have a look around at all the clubs in your area before choosing. There is little point in choosing an art that does not suit your expectations.

Q) How do I choose one of the many martial arts schools?
A) Have a look around at all the clubs in your area, sit through a whole lesson, watch the advanced grades to get an idea of what you will be doing in just a few years time. Have a look at the beginners; see how well the instructors understand their individual needs. Take a free lesson (if the club provides one). Talk to the instructors and other students. Find out how much it costs. Do you have to buy clothing and equipment through the club or can you shop around? Choose carefully because once addicted, you will have started a lifetime of study and adventure.

Q) I am not very fit, will I be able to do Ju-Jitsu.
A) Beginners to Ju-Jitsu come from all walks of life, some are very fit, and some have had very little exercise. Each student is taught at their own pace. If you have a medical condition, doctor's advice may be required before starting.