Some pictures taken at Billingham, Thornaby, Eston and Derby.

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Just after being awarded 2nd Dan (Ni Dan) in Derby by Sensai's Flaharaty and Campbel (National coach) in Derby.


Sensai Elliot 6th Dan


Hip Throw.


Stomach Throw.


Cross Hock

Rice Bale Throw.


Loin Sweep.



Some Pad work


Some more Pad work.


Lock Using Tonfa

A lock using Tonfa.


Use of Sai

Use of Sai.


Ancient Art of people folding.


John Tuckett holding a Katana

Me with Katana.


Warming up to prevent injuries

Some Warm Ups.


Break falls are an essential part of Ju Jitsu

Some Break Falls.


Awards for Effort

Awards for effort.


Watch this space for some more action photos.